Banabasi Seva Samiti

BBS At Glance

Genesis :

It all begins in 1972. Late Biswanath Pattnaik, the visionary social guide took rest of his human spirit into convergent social action at Balliguda. His un-rest radical philosophy united the likeminded personalities to a social forum i.e Banabasi Seva Samiti in Kandhamal district, Odisha state, India. His greatness and marginalized thoughts or possible social alliance dreams out the dignified home for participatory people’s evolution. It is the sacrifice and a promise to battle against injustice and in equality for the sufferings in our community they are the tribal’s and dalit. We look for a healthy society with the ideology of Gandhi, Vinoba and Jayaprakash. The homely environment, inspired leadership of management and close devotion of the associated staffs brought forward the organization to the onwards steps.

Our Humble Philosophy :

People’s uniformity in other wards a democratic social union envisaged it the visionary outlook to the inclined convergent social action of Banabasi Building a “Gram Swaraj” and o translate the Gandhain ideology and Sarvoday movement for grass root reality is the reformation Philosophy of Banabasi Seva Samiti. The care objective to secure the dignified values and social recognition of the classified class and caste as the common social beings in the society. The fundamental mission of BSS is to mandate a conductive social environment for the development of a healthy society towards self reliance, equality, liberty, justice and democracy for all. The disciplinary vision of BSS is to catalyze and to overcome the growing intolerance of narrow identity, blind fundamentalism, political instability, cultural erosion and adverse civic management at all level. The prospective goal of BSS to enable the deprive sections of the society towards collective partnership and nation building exercises for their rights, equality, justice and freedom of voice. The question mark of actual social acceptance is always debating. We celebrate 44th birthday ceremony of our institution. But about our basement we are steel interim in our journey.

Our Social Look :

The drive to promote elementary education for the inaccessible and helpless children in the community is the promoting challenges to the history of Banabasi Seva Samiti.Before the crux of this emergent issue, the BSS focused strong initiatives in the field of educational activities like continuing of pre-schooling crèche centers in remote tribal pockets of the State. It has also actively involved in formal education in schools, formal residential school for SC and ST and special hostels for ST and SC girls in different parts of Odisha.

Our Thrust Area :

The organization works for ST, SC and downtrodden and socio-economically backward people and bring in different stakeholders like CBOs, Government Department & institutions, more particularly, the target beneficiaries include.

  1. Child Care
  2. Poverty Alleviation
  3. Community Management
  4. Health
  5. Women Empowerment
  6. Training & Capacity Building
  7. Lobby & Advocacy
  8. Natural Resource Management & Ecological Caring
  9. Caring of Helpless Older persons

Programmes / Activities in Brief:

Child Care

  1. Children’s Home for 150 children at Balliguda of Kandhamal district.
  2. Children’s Home for 50 children at Jakikia of Kandhamal district.
  3. Children’s Home for 50 children at Rabingia of Kandhamal district.
  4. Children’s Home of 50 children at Dangariguda of Kalahandi district.
  5. Special Hostel for ST & SC children at Balliguda of Kandhamal district.
  6. Tribal Girls Hostel for 100 tribal girls at Rabingia of Kandhamal district.
  7. Tribal Kanyashram for 50 tribal girls at Kujendri of Rayagada district.
  8. Tribal Kanyashram for 100 tribal girls at Bandhagada of Kandhamal district.
  9. Specialized Adoption Agency at Balliguda in Kandhamal district.
  10. CHILDLINE-KANDHAMAL at district head quarter, Phulbani, it is a emergency child helpline for needy children.
  11. Sponsorship Hostel for 94 children at Balliguda in Kandhamal district.
  12. Open Shelter at Phulbani of Kandhamal district.

Welfare of Differently Able Children

  1. Red-Cross School for the Blind of Kandhamal district.
  2. Banabasi School for the Deaf  of Kandhamal district.
  3. Biswanath Pattnaik Memorial Mental Retreaded School of Kandhamal district.

Health and Sanitation :

  1. ASHA Training at Balliguda
  2. Dispensary  and Ambulance service of Kandhamal district.
  3. Maternity Waiting Home at K.Nuagaon of Kandhamal district.

Natural Resource Management :

  1. Integrated Tribal development Project (WADI) for 1044 tribal formals in Balliguda block of Kandhamal district.
  2. Farmers club (30 nos.) in Balliguda block of Kandhamal district.
  3. Promotion of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in 5 blocks in Kandhamal district.
  4. Aama Jangal Yojana (AJY) in 3 FMUs in Balliguda forest Division of Kandhamal district.

Training and Capacity Building :

  1. Anganwadi Workers Training centre at Balliguda of Kandhamal district.
  2. Anganwadi Workers Training Centre at Dangariguda of Kalahandi district.
  3. Anganwadi Helpers Training Centre at Dangariguda of Kalahandi district.

Old age care :

  1. An old age home for 25 destitute elderlies is running by this institution at Balliguda of Kandhamal district.
  2. Women empowerment through SHG and other activities.

Antaranga project Peace Building :

  1. After communal violence of Kandhamal the peace building activities undertaken by this institution with the support of action Aid for peace building in our locality.

Education :

  1. Banabasi Primary School at Balliguda.
  2. Banabasi M.E. School at Balliguda
  3. Computer Training Centre at Balliguda
  4. Scholarship for higher studies
  5. Banabasi Library
  • Short-Stay Home for destitute women at Balliguda
  • Rajeev Gandhi National Creche Centre : 47 nos. of crèche centre in three districts like Kandhamal, Kalahandi and Rayagada

Others :

  1. Celebration of National / State Days
  2. Legal Literacy Camps
  3. Village meetings